Trading Emini Futures Without Indicators - Video

Many professoinal traders in the Emini Futures markets don't use any indicators or even  fancy charts for that matter. They trade on price action alone using only a time and sales screen. Can it be done? Absolutely! Below is a video  by showing a live example trade of the ES contract using only a time and sales screen.

Time and Sales, a.k.a Tape Reading

As you can see in the above video, it is possible to trade effectively without using any indicators other than calculated support and resistance levels along with a time and sales screen. Tape reading is how most traders identify this form of trading. Tracking the order flow with the screen is called reading the tape.

Using calculated support and resistance levels, the trader waits for pre-determined price to levels to enter and exit trades. For a more in depth tutorial about tape reading, you can visit where they have an excellent tutorial about reading the tape.


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