Emini Pivot Points - A Powerful Emini Simple Indicator

Simplicity should be the goal of all index futures traders when it comes to their trading methodology.

Uncomplicated methods allow the trader to watch market action without the level of stress associated with a complex system, freeing them to concentrate on potential trade set-ups.

Emini pivot points are one such  simple trading indicator many experienced traders employ exclusively in the index futures markets with excellent results.

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A powerful technical analysis tool, pivot points have proven to be effective across all financial markets no matter what instrument is traded, whether futures contracts, stocks and even currencies.

Many trading services provide futures traders daily pivot points along with import levels of support and resistance before the market opens.

These chart setting services are affordable and an excellent tool for people choosing to trade using pivot points in conjunction with support and resistance levels.

If you are unfamiliar with pivot points and using them as a simple indicator, follow along and learn how they are implemented by futures traders to effectively trade the ES , YM and NQ futures contracts.

A Change In Market Direction

If you've been around the financial market for any length of time, you've heard of leading and lagging indicators. Pivot points are commonly referred to as a leading inductor since the area of the pivot point is established before the market opens.

A pivot is defined as a point on which something turns. In the index futures trading world, this means a change of short term trend.

For example, if the market opened down and continued down throughout the morning session, the trend is down so far for the day. As the market continues down and bounces off an area of support and reverses, the trend is still considered down until is reaches the pivot point for the day.

Once price action pushes through the pivot point, the trend has changed to upwards. Many traders use these pre-defined areas, both pivot points and levels of support and resistance, to initiate trades.

Drawing The Lines

If you take pivots points and levels of support and resistance numbers and draw lines on your chart, odds are they will line up with the areas where changes of trend, bounces and pullbacks have occurred in the past or very near that area.

Some traders only use a time and sales screen with these levels written on a sheet of paper without using a chart. A testament to the power of pivot points and levels of support and resistance when used properly.

Calculating Pivot Points

Because they are a leading indicator, the trader knows in advance what might occur should price action reach one of these levels.

As we mentioned above, simplicity is what we should look for in a indicator and the mathematical calculation to determine pivots points and other levels is a simple formula. By using numbers from the previous days session, we can determine the possible trading range  for the following day.

By using the previous days low of the day, the high of the day and the closing price and divide by three, we can easily enough generate the range for the next trading session.

If you are not sure what is meant by a range, it is simply the low and high of a period of time. In this case the high would be how far the market went as bulls pushed the market up and the low would be how low sellers sold the market for the session. A Pivot Point Calculator can be used to calculate daily, weekly and monthly pivot points.

The range is a complete picture of what took place during the session. Within this range, there will be evidence of struggle where bulls and bears fought over lines of support and resistance with the pivot point being where the trend changed from up to down or down to up.

The pivot point is an indicator of market sentiment and the mood of emini traders. Most experienced traders advocate going long if the market is above the pivot point and short selling the market if it is below the pivot point line.

At first, pivot points may seem complicated. However once you begin using them, you will soon realize how easy they are to apply as a simple indicator of current market direction.

Many experienced traders have used them to such levels of success, they would not even consider using any other indicator to trade the index futures market. Pivot points can be used with all of the index futures including the ES emini, YM, NQ and the Russell with equal results.


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