Learning Index Futures Trading With A Focus On Trading Well

Make no mistake, the odds of long term success at short term trading stands firmly against most all who enter the financial markets. Each year, beginning traders set out with a plan to educate themselves about emini futures trading with most soon realizing index futures trading is one of the most difficult challenges they’ve ever experienced.

Once they reach this realization most will throw in the towel, ending their short trading careers in frustration, while a serious few will stay in the futures game long enough to learn how to trade and become successful.

Will you become one of the few serious winners or will you go home with the losers?

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Profiting consistently in the index futures markets demands standing against the crowd mentality which requires a level of commitment and dedication most cannot successfully achieve.

Learn To Trade Well

By beginning to build on these skills early in your trading career, you will be one step ahead and on your way to trading well. Trading well is what successful traders strive for everyday in the markets with profits being the result of trading well.

Most index futures traders use various techniques that comprise a trading system to execute potential trades. By learning to read and understand the dynamics of the market as well as developing an understanding of the internal and external forces which impact the markets, will they set themselves apart from the those that have less commitment to trading well.

The index futures market is one of extremes with traders experiencing winning and losing on a daily basis since all experienced traders know losing trades are a part of trading well. Losses are a part of futures trading and to be expected.

How the trader handles losses is the difference between a successful trader and someone who will not last long in the game. The emotional up and downs, so much a part of the markets, drives many rookies to a quick exit.

Once you learn how to handle your losing trades and accept losses equally with controlling your emotions, you’ve matured as a trader.

Learning to trade well is the key to the game. Beginners come into the futures markets raw and reckless with no clear understanding of market dynamics and most importantly, with no trading system or an expectancy.

Learn from mental mistakes. Make notes on bad executions, cut losses short and use trailing stops. Learn to exercise discipline since lack of this important skill can end a trading career far more rapidly than a lack of trading knowledge.

Many new and inexperienced traders often find themselves in a cycle of winning and losing bigger, over-trading to “get back” what they lost on the previous trade, eventually blowing out their trading account. At this point the trader will either give up or commit to gaining the skills through trading education to become successful.

Use a Trading Mentor

Locate an experienced trader that’s willing to share his knowledge about the markets. Ask about winning  trading systems, bad habits and losing strategies. Find a mentoring program that utilizes a trading system that can be expanded on once you gain confidence and experience at index mini-sized futures trading.

By joining a mentoring program, beginning traders can learn the system used by the mentor with some offering a live  trading room so the beginner can follow along during live trading sessions. Turn their knowledge into your success and follow their advice. The assistance you receive eliminates throwing money away and many months of frustration.

Trading requires that you learn to crawl before you walk. Unfortunately, many who enter the futures markets each year believe they can walk when they haven’t yet learned to crawl.

The futures trading roadside is littered with the blown out trading accounts of novices who didn’t have what it takes, focused only on the potential profits to be made rather than learning to trade well.


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Very informative post...thanks a ton

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